Evelyn Franks




1 x 60min

Production Company

Twenty Six 03

We are pleased to announce work on our latest true crime docuseries, ‘Inside The Heist,’ for Discovery+.

Each episode provides expert insight from ex-criminals, law enforcement officers and criminologists. We learn about the planning and ingenuity behind the world’s most iconic heists, carried out by the criminal elite.

Teaming up with production company Twenty Six 03, Evelyn Franks, an award-winning editor with a wealth of long-form documentary experience, was tasked with editing episode two of the six-part series; ‘Helicopter Hold-Up.’

In The Edit

Cut remotely on Avid, over nine weeks, the 60-minute episode uses a combination of stylishly shot expert interviews, authentic crime scene footage, drama reconstruction, archive, CCTV footage and CGI.

Set against a graphic timeline, the film tells the story of the 2009 aerial robbery that took place in Stockholm, executed with military precision, where Swedish thieves used a stolen helicopter, fake bombs and roadblocks to execute Sweden’s largest ever cash haul, escaping with millions in cash.

‘Inside The Heist’ will be airing weekly from 7th November on Discovery+.

Watch a selected scene from Evelyn’s episode here.

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