Gary Holder & Bluey Durrant


Joan Solsona



Production Company

Tangerine Films


Bonnie Anthony

Joan Solsona has brought his creative flair and expert eye, cutting this stunning film for Jaguar directed by Gary Holder and Bluey Durrant.

Opening on a series of close up’s showing specialised footwear, the film progresses seeing each of them being used in the environments for which they were created.

Moving away from the analogy of adapting to your environment, we are taken on a journey from the rain soaked motorways of England to the beautiful snowy mountainous roads of Switzerland showcasing Jaguar’s unique, intuitive All Wheel Drive system, which has been designed to deliver outstanding, confident handling in any conditions.

Shot using 5K Red and 2K Alexa footage, we are extremely proud to have teamed up with our friends over at Tangerine Films once more to deliver Jaguar’s latest offering.

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