Andy Radford


Alex Holden


Maybourne Hotel Group


3 x 90sec

Production Company

Efendi films


Leo Collier-Bett


Danny @ Envy

Jump Cut Editors have delivered three stunning films for the world renowned prestigious luxury hotel chain, The Maybourne Hotel Group.

For the very first time, the Maybourne Hotel Group have commissioned a series of online films. We were delighted to be chosen to deliver one film for each of these iconic hotels, allowing an insight into the array of luxurious bars, suites & restaurants.

Glimpsing into the daily life of each hotel, every film has a different tone of voice. From the art deco jewel that is Claridge’s, to the blend of heritage and modernity at the Connaught and the famed Blue Bar and Michelin starred dining at the Berkeley.

With a tight turnaround of just one week from production all the way through to edit, grade & final delivery, the team are proud to have produced a collection of films each and every bit as unique as the hotels themselves.

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