Will Clark


Will Evans


The Sunday Times


Unquiet Film Series


1 x 6mins

Production Company

Betsy Works




Kat Amara Korba and Sacha Evans

Executive Producer

Peter Maynard


Tom Wright

Jump Cut’s Will Evans has edited ‘Question Everything.’ The second in a series of short films, created as part of The Sunday Times’ ‘Unquiet Film Series’ campaign.

This short tells the story of two journalists who pursued the truth in two of the biggest scandals in recent times. Chief Sports Writer David Walsh and Social Affairs specialist Brian Deer uncovered both the Lance Armstrong and MMR Vaccine cases, with their landmark investigations.

Cut with a mixture of archive material and firsthand interview accounts by the journalists themselves, the film reveals the the amazing, true-life stories behind the headline news.

Deer’s revelations on MMR led to a public inquiry by the GMC which struck off Dr Andrew Wakefield from the medical register for what was dubbed “an elaborate fraud.” Whilst Walsh was one of the few journalists prepared to continually question Lance Armstrong’s record, amidst rumours of doping allegations, which set about one of the most epic downfalls in the history of professional sports.

You can read more about the campaign here.

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