Livia Serpa

Livia is a multi award winning feature film and drama editor. Her work has global recognition, been Oscar nominated and regularly selected for International Film Festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Sundance and Tribeca.


Livia has been selected to work with the BAFTA Winner directors Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles and Michael Lennox.

Her recent credits includes ‘Linha de Passe‘ winner of the best Actress award at Cannes Film Festival and ‘On the Road,’ both directed by Walter Salles. As well as documentaries for Netflix; ‘Maradona in Sinaloa,’ ‘Killer Ratings’ and HBO’s ‘Sons of Carnival.’

With more than 12 years of international experience, Livia is very passionate about her work and has a talent for telling compelling stories. She has a great sense of rhythm and is very sensitive towards performances.

Technical Skills
  • Avid: Media Composer
  • Adobe: Premiere
  • Transcoding / Encoding: Media Encoder, Streamclip, Compressor
  • MA course in Editing at NFTS